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Do you know if you wind turbine is running?

MillWatcher is a software system for monitoring your wind turbine. It is an online system, which means that you have access everywhere, from tablets, smart phones and computers all over the world. All you need is internet access. MillWatcher is a user friendly software system which can be used whether you have one or 1oo wind turbines to monitor. Furthermore, MillWatcher is independent of wind turbine fabricate, and you will get an overview of all turbines in one system.

Let go of your bad conscience, and feel safe with MillWatcher

The system automaticalle calls the wind turbine every day without you having to do anything. We do the work for you. With MillWatcher you can relax and keep an eye on your wind turbine with daily status reports on email, text message or once you are logged into the system.

Features in MillWatcher

With MillWatcher you can see updated production numbers of your wind turbine, whether the wind turbine is running normally or reports errors, the temperatures of the wind turbine and historic settling production. Millwatcher also gives you opportunity to make futher calls to your wind turbine at any time to check, signing up for different warnings such as warnings when there is a possibility for negative electricity prices.




You will get an overview of your wind turbine´s status from the last contact the system had with your wind turbine.


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