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Do you have a growing electricity bill?

Or perhaps a growing water or heating bill? EnergyMaster can give you a clear overview of your consumption, so you will always know where or when you can save money on your bills. EnergyMaster is an online tool, so you can keep an eye on your consumption  wherever you are.

Save money with consumption alarms

EnergyMaster is also able to alarm you if there is a sudden variation in your consumption, for example a running tap or a radiator which is heating too much. With EnergyMaster you are able to identify the problems that cause growing bills, and you can thus react on the problems instead of just watching your bills getting higher and higher. You will get warnings send as text messages, so you can gain control of your energy consumption.

EnergyMaster is a helping tool for either your private home or your company

EnergyMaster - Overblik over energiforbruget

EnergyMaster will give you an overview of your daily energy consumption,and it can show you how much money you spend on electricity, water and heat.


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