Startup in the wind turbine industry

Greenbyte´s history goes back to 2001, when the first product was launched. It was an online portal for Danish wind turbine owners. The online portal is called “vindmøllenet”. In 2005 a new product for wind turbine owners, cooperatives and service companies was launched. We had years of experience in the industry, and thus launched MillWatcher. MillWatcher became the name of the company for the following nine years, and we continued with optimizing, learning, and creating an even better online wind monitoring for our customers.


Energy monitoring

Greenbyte entered a new face of energy monitoring in 2012. We already had strong competences in monitoring and visualizing data, and thus EnergyMaster was created. It is a system, which is used to monitor and analyse energy consumption,. EnergyMaster can be used by everyone, both private households and businesses, that wish to become aware of their energy consumption, in order to react if  suddenly any fluctuations occur.


New industries with our planning tool

Greenbyte’s continuous growth took us into new markets, such as training and planning. The training tool Roberta was created in cooperation with the companies Mindbiz and Elevated. Roberta is used by consultants and companies to focus on and train the competences of employees and leaders.

Kalenda was launched in 2013. It is a planning tool which focuses on optimizing and automate daily routines, in order to release more time for valuable work. Kalenda was created as a planning tool for one of our customers, but we thought that the idea was really good, and we now offer the product to other companies.



Throughout all the years, Greenbyte has also been doing consultancy work and programming for many different companies.


Say hello to Greenbyte

In the beginning of 2014, a new chapter for our company started. Status by the end of 2013 was that our product line had exceeded the company name, MillWatcher. MillWatcher was our company name as well as product name for one of our well known products.  We had though expanded and needed a broader name for the company. This is why we are happy to welcome a new name for our company – Greenbyte.  We will keep our focus on developing new products and making our existing products even better, and we will continue with working hard in creating the right solution for our  customers.